Saturday, 5 December 2015

5's: 5 places books!

Oooh, ey! 
It's another 5's post! Another bookish 5's post to be precise. 
As if I didn't have enough books already..
Over the years I've lost track of where I pick up my books. Few things in life excite me as much as a new book does. I buy books from a great variety of places and jut wanted to share some with you guys. You may have heard of them or you may not...
1) bookshops// well haha, duhhh. This one may seem obvious but when I was younger I'd very rarely buy books new. Over the past years this has slowly changed. I'll admit I've always loved going into bookshops and simply looking...
2) Charity shops// um hmmm! Buy lots of books annnnd give to a good cause? Too right I bloody did! I have so many little gems that I'd have never found without good old chazza shops.
3) Flea markets// Aye, I'm a trawler and I'm not afraid to admit it! Although, as with charity shops you did tend to see a lot of the same books, it's always worth a good root around. Car boot sales, flea markets all valuable sources for easy reads
4) World of Books// This is a discovery I made back when I started uni. The site sells second hand books at very reasonable prices, usually free delivery. It even has a handy guide so you can judge the condition of the book and if it's worth the price. Apparently you can even sell books, but who'd want to do that??
5) Bookbub//Having got to this one, I've realised its the only ebook option on this list! This is a sit I use a LOT nowadays. When you sign up you select you're favourite genre or even a few favourite authors an it will email you suggestions related to those. Why is this super handy? Because it emails you offers. I have tons of kindle books ive picked up, because they were free or only a pound or too. You get an email every day, sometimes it'll only have one, others up to around ten. It's well worth it if you use an e-reader at all.

Any suggestions on any new places I can buy books from? As you can no doubt tell, I have no problem with second hand books. In fact if you look at my recent book confessions post, I actually love well read books! 
Abi X 
P.s. this is not a sponsored post, just a few recommendations!